I Threw Her Gold Medal Away
It felt like a horrible thing to do...

What is she going to think of me?

Growing up, nothing was handed to me. Especially being born in Togo, the #11 poorest country in the world.

The only thing that was handed to me was a** whoopings in school because I wasn't a very good student. 

Yes, teachers in my home country can spank their students. Honestly, it was F'ed up lol.

This taught me to appreciate hard work.

So when my little sister brought her gold medal for participating in gymnastics, I was triggered.

It reminded me of when I got started in the e-commerce space. Nothing was handed to me. 
A lot of e-commerce store owners put in the work but if you look at how most e-commerce businesses become successful, it's not by working hard.

Don't get me wrong, hard work is important.

But most e-commerce businesses become successful by taking advantage of underpriced marketing channels.

The cost of marketing channels like Facebook are doubling every single year.

It's only getting harder for e-commerce businesses to scale and remain profitable while doing it.

In summer of 2017 I stumble upon a new marketing channel.

I decided to test it out for my e-commerce clients I was running ads for at the time.
Two years ago, I discovered a new marketing channel that has helped my e-commerce clients scale.

And the best part, it was on autopilot.

One of our first clients Transparent Labs generated $130,194.82 in just 10 weeks. 
It was working...

So, I started tell more people.

And we did it for more clients and it kept working.

So it wasn't just pure luck.

It worked consistently and predictably.
I was invited to speak about this new marketing Channel at Conversations Conference and Traffic & Conversions Summit, one of the biggest marketing events in North America.

I started teaching it to hundreds of people. Even holding workshops.

Another one of our clients, Tuft & Needle recently is getting a 16X Return On Ad Spend within just days.
As an e-commerce marketer, it's all about leveraging underpriced marketing channels.
We've implemented this marketing channel for more e-commerce businesses like Dollar Beard Club, Boom! By Cindy Joseph, owned by Ezra Firestone and the results were again... outstanding.

Ezra is even inviting me to speak about this at his Blue Ribbon private e-commerce event this August.

So, if you have ever...
  • Launched Facebook ad campaigns and felt like your Cost Per Acquisition was too high ​- This new channel will cut it in half...
  • Felt like you are getting a lot of abandoned carts​- This new channel will help you recover 10X more abandoned carts...
  • Wondered if there's a cheaper way to get customers  - This training will show you exactly how to acquire customers at the top of the funnel without sacrificing all of your profits...
  • Thought about automating e-commerce sales - I will show you how...
  • Wished you could automate some customer service - Then look no further...
What I have prepared is for YOU.
For the first ever, I am pulling back the curtains on my business allowing public access to my "Performance Messenger Marketing" strategies that have generated over 8-Figures in sales for e-commerce businesses.

Don't sleep on me. This won't be available for long.

E-Commerce businesses that have implemented our unconventional Performance Messenger Marketing strategies are crushing it. Many have generated revenue within days. 

If you would like to know how it works, keep reading...
This is the #1 marketing advantage any e-commerce business can have this year.

And I've made it completely simple for you to just follow STEP BY STEP, OVER THE SHOULDER.

It's a full end to end training showing our complete strategy, process and implementation of Performance Messenger Marketing that is allowing us to get 4x-16x return on ad spend.

Here's what you'll learn...
Advertising costs are doubling every year. Facebook, Instagram, Google you name it. 

It's only getting harder for those starting out to test fast and succeed. And if you are already generating revenue, it's only getting harder to stay profitable.

You should be advertising on Facebook still. 

But what if we show how to combine it with Messenger to reduce your CPA by 50%.

In this section, you will learn exactly how to:
  • Combine Messenger with Facebook ads ​- Get the "Performance" out Messenger marketing. Whether you are new or have tried Messenger ads and have failed. We'll show you exactly how to get set up, what's working for us or how to fix what you've been doing..
  • Leverage interactive Messenger marketing at the top of funnel​- Just like how we did it for our client Tuft & Needle to get a 16X ROAS. We'll show you how Buzzfeed built a multi-million dollar business off of interactive marketing and how you can do the same...
  • Write conversational copy that drives top of funnel to convert  - Many people think people at the top of the funnel do not buy until the 8th visit or some BS like that. We'll show you how we convert top of funnel...
  • Recommend your products to potential customers on autopilot using a Messenger chatbot​- I thought twice about releasing this because it's my secret weapon but I wanna double down on how much value you'll get out of this training so I added it in.
Now, this one is really special. When done right, this is a money making machine. 

98% of customers won't purchase the first time. Think about this...

You pay for 100% of the traffic to your website and if you are lucky 10% will add to cart and 2% of that will convert. 

What happens to the 98% that you spent money on that did not purchase? 

Some do launch retargeting ads which I do recommend but that means you have to keep paying again and again to bring them back to your website. 

What if there was a way to reach them directly where they are on their cell phone and get them to come back and purchase? In this section, I will show you how to:
  • Build a targeted list of potential buyers on site ​- I unveil my strategic on site opt-ins that I have never shared publicly that allow you to build a list of targeted buyers you can convert...
  • Recover browse abandonments on autopilot​- 98% of customers who come to site will not buy the first time and if they do not go all the way to checkout you won't be able to reach them via email. I show you how to bypass email and reach them if they view any product page...
  • Recover abandoned carts on autopilot - As an e-commerce business, you can't avoid abandoned carts. Email is not enough to recover these carts. The average Open Rate over email is 20% if you are good ;). I show you how to get 80%+ Open Rates while marketing via Messenger...
  • Up-sell customers who have purchased to increase their lifetime value​- Repeat business is crucial for e-commerce businesses because the cost per acquisition is practically free. I show you my custom flows that you should send to generate more repeat business...
Frankly, I don't see how this section can't generate revenue for you.
If you follow any e-commerce gurus out there, you've probably heard them say "The Money Is In The List" at least once.

I usually do not side with "GURUS" on anything but they are right on this one.

You have to built a list of potential buyers that you can convert day in and day out. This is an important asset to have.

For years brands have built lists on email. But here's the problem...

By now, you have probably figured out how spammy email has gotten. Don't believe me, just look at your own inbox, it's a red ocean.

Everyone is competing for your attention. 

The average open rate over email is 20% if you are doing really well. That drastically reduces the value of each email subscriber by 80%.

I want to introduce you to a Messenger list where I will show you how to:
  • Build targeted list of potential buyers fast ​- You will get behind the scenes on how we built a 31,259 person list for my client Dollar Beard Club in just 4 weeks...
  • Get 90%+ open rates​- YES, you read that right. When you communicate with a customer, they receive a push notification directly on their cell phone. Where do people spend most of their time? Not their email inbox, they ARE on their cell phones all the damn time. So you are more likely to convert them on Messenger...
  • Get 30%+ click-through rates - I have gotten a 67% click-through rate before. Compare that to 2-3 maybe 5% click-throughs over email. Would that triple your revenue?
  • Get 10x more engagement - It's not secret that Messenger subscribers are more valuable than email subscribers so I will show you how to get more revenue out of your subscribers...
If that's not enough, research shows that MESSAGING will be the #1 way businesses will communicate with their customers in the coming years.

I want to make sure you are ready for this massive change in the way you will HAVE TO market. 

But don't wait until it's too late. If you look at most adoption curves for marketing channels, the early adopters always get the majority of the value.

In this section, I will explain:
  • Why mobile messaging will be the #1 way consumers will communicate with brands ​- Conversational marketing has been a hot topic lately and there's a reason why. In the next few years, messaging will be the #1 way to reach customers. We'll show you exactly why...
  • How to prep for this paradigm shift​- I want to put you in the best position to dominate messaging for years to come...
  • And much more...
If this section doesn't provide massive value to you for years to come, I honestly don't know what will.
Our clients are the PROOF that this WORKS
If you are looking to recover abandoned carts or abandon browse through Facebook Messenger on site then Arri is your guy. He builds great bots that help to recover abandoned carts.
Chris rose, Head of Digital, GUESS?
Arri ran a viral Messenger campaign for us that got a lot of engagement and generated a lot of revenue as well.

Deandra mORSE, Director of Acquisition, DOLLAR BEARD CLUB
Arri built an amazing quiz for us that is generating double digit Return On Ad Spend, can't wait to scale it.

LOGAN YOUNG, Director of Acquisition, TUFT & NEEDLE
If you think "Oh Arri, it's because those are multi-million dollar brands...blah blah" Well, here are regular ass people ON VIDEO taking about their experience learning from my trainings...
Our clients had to pay upwards of $10,000/mo each to work with us.

Honestly, with the amount of testimonials and good feedback I've gotten from this, I could charge $2,000 for this training.

But you won't pay even close to that today.

In fact, each section of this course is worth more than two thousand dollars...

Today, right now, as part of a special limited-time offer...

You can get started with Performance Messenger Marketing for only $197/mo.

I have never offered this much value for this price before.

And if you are skeptical which you should be when it comes to investing in an online training...

Don't break a sweat...
I am in no doubt that you are going to not only LOVE the Performance Messenger Marketing Academy but when you IMPLEMENT everything, you’ll be amazed at your results.

You’ll get your hands on it in just a few moments – and you’ll get it with ZERO RISK.

Take a whole 90 days – that’s three months – and put everything to immediate use.

Join the few special marketers who are crushing it with Performance Messenger Marketing.

...or send me an email ( and I’ll personally give you a full refund – no hassles, no hard feelings (we’ll still be friends).
You must take action on this today.

Because the best things in life do not come to those who wait.

The best things in life come to those who go out and get them.

This is your chance to join the select few marketers who are crushing this new marketing channel.

As an e-commerce marketer, you want to crush and I know YOU DO.

So here's everything you get when you grab this training today...
A Roadmap to Successful Messenger Marketing
Click on the images to enlarge.
5 Modules
Covering everything you need to know.
23 Lessons
Screen share presentations and in-depth walkthroughs.
Weekly Office Hours
Meeting every Friday with other students to cover new content.
Facebook Community
Engage people with similar goals to support each other.
YES! I want the most competitive advantage in the e-commerce space this year.

Get instant access to Performance Messenger Marketing today.
  • Learn how to acquire customers at the top of funnel using Facebook Messenger.
  • Automate one on one conversations with customers at scale.
  • Recover more abandoned carts on autopilot using unheard of strategies.
  • Reduce your Cost Per Acquisition on Facebook ads using CTM ads.
Billed monthly, no setup fee.
  • All 5 Advanced Modules - value $1468
  • Weekly Office Hours (Get personal access to me) - value $1247
  • BONUS Facebook Community - value $297
  • Total value: $3,012
  • GET IN NOW FOR ONLY $197/MTH! - No long term contracts, cancel anytime! 
Billed annually, no set up fee.
  • Save 50% OFF Today
  • All 5 Advanced Modules - value $1468
  • Weekly Office Hours (Get personal access to me) - value $1247
  • BONUS Facebook Community - value $297
  • Total value: $3,012
  • GET THE ANNUAL ACCESS AND SAVE 50% OFF - No long term contracts, cancel anytime! 
The Promise of the Course
You will learn exactly how to kickstart your Messenger channel and how to leverage it to generate more revenue for your brand at the top of the funnel and at the bottom of the funnel.
How this training is different
This is not your average marketing guru training
1. This is not a course on theory
You will be able to apply whatever you learn inside this course immediately.
2. We won't just talk about what we've done
We'll get into the weeds and show you exactly how to do what we have achieved.
3. You won't be alone on this journey
You will have the support of dozens of people who are in this course looking to achieve the same thing.
4. We support you every step of the way
We have our weekly live calls to dive deep into new content and answer questions you may have.
5. It's not just about Messenger marketing
This course will change the way you think about marketing as a whole and give you insights on how to be a better marketer.
6. We've been there and done that
Everything we show you is what we've done for some of the biggest brands in the world.
About Your Instructor
Arri Bagah believes that the way consumers communicate has changed. So, the way we market has to also change.

He created Conversmart to help leading DTC brands turn SMS and Facebook Messenger into performance marketing channels, allowing them to generate millions in additional revenue.

Arri became an expert in the mobile messaging space and is invited to speak at large conferences including Traffic and Conversions Summit, and Conversations Conference, the biggest Messenger marketing event in North America.

Arri also served in the United States Army.
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